GA Committees

Animal Welfare Committee

Committee Members

Scott Parker (Chairman)
Mariko Lauber
Lisa Michalanney
David Manshanden
Rick Symons
Adam Wallish


Executive Committee

Committee Members

Scott Parker (Chairman)
Terrie Benfield
Mark Bottcher
Madeline Love
Adam Wallish
Sarah Webster


Integrity Committee

The Greyhounds Australasia Rules & Integrity Committee is sanctioned by Greyhounds Australasia (GA) to provide advice to the GA Board on national rule and integrity related matters and specifically, to recommend the introduction of new national rules and amendments to existing rules that aim to protect and enhance the integrity of the industry and the welfare of the greyhound and other animals.

Committee Members

Scott Parker (Chairman)
Dennis Borovica
Stepehn Dodd
Micahel Hoyle
Shane Gillard
Lisa Michalanney

Vets and Analysts Committee (VAC)

The Greyhounds Australasia Veterinary and Analyst Committee (VAC) is sanctioned by Greyhounds Australasia (GA) to provide advice to the GA Board predominantly on matters related to prohibited substances and their detection, research worthy of GA’s financial support, breeding related matters (i.e. frozen semen), analytical issues, integrity matters, disease and quarantine issues.

They may provide a balanced and suitably qualified opinion, where rules regarding welfare and or prohibited substances are being discussed.

Committee Members

Steve Karamatic (Chairman)
David Batty
Karen Caldwell
Adam Cawley
Chris Doyle
Eliot Forbes
Mark Jarrett
Judith Medd
John Newell
Scott Parker
Charlie Russo


Racing Committee

The Racing Committee is sanctioned by Greyhounds Australasia (GA) to review, assess, and where appropriate, recommend increases to minimum group race funding levels based on GA’s National Group Race Funding Policy.

The Racing Committee will also undertake other such racing matters as deemed appropriate and delegated to them by the GA Board, which may include comment on the structure and production of the annual Australian group race calendar.

Committee Members

Scott Parker (Chairman)
Eddie Berry
Mark Bottcher
Matt Corby
Eliot Forbes
Scott Robins
Adam Rutter


Annual Registrars Conference

The Registration Managers and Registrars from each controlling body of Australia and New Zealand meet annually to discuss registration and licensing related matters. The Conference supports the attainment of national consistent registration practices and policies, and recommends changes to the national racing rules where appropriate.

National Integrity Conference

The Chief Stewards from each controlling body of Australia and New Zealand meet twice a year to instigate the process of bi-annual rule changes and to discuss regulatory matters affecting, or likely to affect, controlling bodies. The conference refers matters to the GA Veterinary & Analysts Committee (VAC) for expert evaluation and refers proposed new rules and rule amendments to the GA Rules & Integrity Committee for evaluation. Australasian Racing Ministers Conference Racing Ministers from throughout Australia and New Zealand meet once a year (generally) at an Australasian Racing Ministers' Conference to discuss areas of common interest to the racing industry. Industry stakeholders including Greyhounds Australasia have the opportunity to present briefings to the Ministers at the conference.


Australian Greyhound Racing Association (AGRA)

The Australian Greyhound Racing Association’s charter is to continue the promotion and development of the greyhound industry nationally. Its members represent the principal clubs in all states and as such its composition allows for national development for national benefit. AGRA conducts a national conference and promotes the Australian Group Race Calendar. It provides recommendations and advice to Greyhounds Australasia and promotes the National Sprint and Distance Championships.

Australian Greyhound Vet Association (AGVA)

The AGVA is an associated body of veterinarians with a special interest in greyhounds and it has over 100 members throughout Australasia. The AGVA provides advice to other veterinarians on the treatment of greyhounds and helps advise greyhound racing bodies on welfare policy. Respected past Presidents of the association include Dr Harry Cooper and Dr John Murray.

The AGVA’s specific role with GA is to provide expert opinion and guidance in regard to veterinarian matters that impact on the health, welfare, integrity and other associated matters with the racing greyhound.


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