Naming Policy


As at November 2003

Whilst it is recognised that the owner of a greyhound has preferences in selecting a name for the animal which he/she maintains, the orderly and responsible issue or granting of a name by the Registrar under a policy which can be afforded, must be in the best interests of the greyhound industry.

Apart from the general application of knowledge gained from experience together with common sense, the criteria listed herewith indicates guidelines generally followed by the Registrar in rejecting names applied for amongst the many thousands lodged.

  1. The name has been granted to a greyhound during the 15 years previous to receipt of the allocation.

  2. The name has previously been granted to a greyhound recorded as a sire or dam in the ANZGA database.

  3. The name has previously been granted to a greyhound recorded as a classic winner in the ANZGA database.

  4. Close similarity in the pronunciation of names, i.e. Mr. Yew, Mister You.

  5. Names savouring of a political or religious connotation.

  6. Names which present difficulty in pronunciation.

  7. Names which tend to be derogatory or down-grading to the sport.

  8. Names which tend to be obscene or vulgar.

  9. Names of a foreign language, the meaning of which is not readily available.

  10. Names with more than sixteen characters inclusive of spaces, apostrophes, etc.

  11. Names with more than three words.

  12. Names which imitate race track phrases or terms i.e. “Vacant Box”, “Late Scratching”, “Number Four”, “Red Rug”, “Blue Box”, etc.

  13. Names which indicate opposite to actual sex of the subject greyhound.

  14. The use of pronouns, prefixes and affixes, i.e. “The” Architect.

  15. Trade names unless written approval by registrar of the name is supplied.

  16. Names of prominent racing events without the permission of the appropriate authority.

  17. Full names of prominent persons.

  18. The use of initials.

  19. The excessive use of apostrophe.

  20. The use of numerals

  21. A name already registered as a Prefix/Suffix to some other applicant.

  22. Names of prominent Greyhounds or Greyhounds of Note.

As the indexations of the Stud Book demands correct English, names such as Stop ‘n’ Think may be granted as Stop And Think.

It should be noted that the Greyhounds Australasia office receives approximately 2,500 names per working week in the preferential listings submitted.  Where all names on an application are exhausted, the GA policy is that the Registrar shall choose a name from elsewhere.


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