Prefix/Suffix Policy



As at June 2008

Whilst it is recognised that the owner of a greyhound has preferences in selecting a name for the animal which he/she maintains, the orderly and responsible issue or granting of a Prefix/Suffix by the Registrar under this policy, must be in the best interests of the greyhound industry.

A PREFIX/SUFFIX granted is generally valid for a term of five (5) years from the date of its registration with Greyhounds Australasia and may be renewed for a further term prior to the expiration of such five years registration.

  1. Greyhounds Australasia. will consider each name applied for in order of preference.

  2. The name applied for must be a single word - not two or three words.

  3. The name must not be vulgar, offensive, of poor English or difficult to pronounce.

  4. The name applied for should not be common, such as "BLACK", "PRINCE", "LADY", "MISS", etc.

  5. The name granted should be used as a full word (not part of a word) in the naming of a greyhound.

  6. The name granted will not prevent the application by or granting to another owner of an extension of an approved prefix e.g., if "PRINCE" was granted as a prefix, others should not be prevented from naming greyhounds with the word "PRINCESS".
    Likewise "HOT" will not prevent names such as "HOTSHOT, "HOTHAM" etc.  "STROLL" won't prevent "STROLLER" or "STROLLING".

  7. Names which have currently less than 100 greyhounds using same as a prefix or suffix will be granted preference.

  8. Once a PREFIX/SUFFIX is granted it is not necessary for it to be used in respect to the naming of every greyhound owned by the applicant.

  9. It is not necessary for the applicant to in fact use the name granted.

  10. When a name is granted as a PREFIX/SUFFIX it means the word can be used in part for the naming of a greyhound, E.G. - If the word granted is "ASSETS" you may use it to name a greyhound.  "ASSETS REGISTER" or "GENERAL ASSETS".

  11. Once a name is granted as a PREFIX/SUFFIX it remains the sole right of the person or confederacy to whom it is registered.  No other person can then use the same name during the period of registration, unless written approval from the owner/s is supplied to Greyhounds Australasia

  12. When a name is granted, Greyhounds Australasia. will supply a reference number to the person to whom it is allotted in order that same may be quoted when applying for a greyhound to be named by the use of the PREFIX/SUFFIX which has been registered.

  13. Greyhounds Australasia reserves the right to refuse any name, which does not meet its policy, which applies to the naming of greyhounds.


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