Amendments to National Racing Rules and Policies

Tuesday 25 October 2011

A review of the National Racing Rules (NRR) and policies occurs each year, with any recommendations, where deemed appropriate, adopted by the GA Board.

The application of NRR and policies provides for greater uniformity throughout Australasia and minimises the need for local rules. In this regard, the integrity of greyhound racing is dependent on NRR to ensure consistency for participants and Controlling Bodies.

Accordingly, Greyhounds Australasia (GA) today announced amendments to the National Racing Rules (NRR) and policies effective from 1 January 2012.

The most significant amendments are:

National Rules 

  • R1 Definitions – Add the meaning of a “greyhound identification card”.
  • R56(2)(b) No Race, false start and non-starter - Include a new rule regarding declaration of a non-starter due to occurrence of an extraordinary circumstance. This rule avoids the need to declare a no race when one or a small number of greyhounds have had their chances prejudiced by an unusual occurrence.
  • R57(8) Postponement or abandonment - Amend to allow greyhounds withdrawn from a postponed meeting, who have not incurred a period of incapacitation to be permitted to take their place in the postponed meeting.
  • R86(aj) Offences – Creates a specific offence for a person present at a race meeting or qualifying trial to use or have in their possession any device that is capable of affecting the behaviour or performance of a greyhound in an event (eg. Lasers, squeakers or similar). Currently rule 86(y) would be applied in the above instances, however the inclusion of 86(aj) was deemed appropriate to strengthen this position.
  • R136(3) Result of service – Amend to clarify that without prior consent of the Controlling Body, a litter of pups shall not be divided or relocated from the address of whelping until such time as they have been ear branded and microchipped.
  • R137(1)(b) Registration of a litter – Amend to accept vaccinations for pups at ten weeks of age instead of from twelve weeks. Altering the rule gives greater flexibility to breeders and their veterinarians when choosing their vaccination schedules.

National Policies 

  • Imported Greyhound Policy – Introduce a formal written policy when greyhounds are imported into Australia.
  • Imported Frozen Semen Policy – Introduce a formal written policy when greyhound frozen semen is imported into Australia.
  • Registration Card – The Introduction of a national approach for a greyhound registration card, with the production of greyhound registration certificates to be phased out by 31 December 2012.
  • Stud Sire Registration Fee - The national fee to register a stud sire is a life time fee increased progressively:
    January 2011 = $600
    January 2012 = $800
    January 2013 = $1,000

In noting the changes, it must be recognised that respective State and Territorial Legislation pertaining to individual jurisdictions may prevent the total adoption of all of the NRR and policies. In these cases, individual jurisdictions will adopt Local Rules to provide for such legislative requirements, which shall take precedence.

Participants are reminded of their obligation to keep abreast of rule and policy changes, and are advised to contact GA or their respective Controlling Body if they have any questions.

For more information on these changes please view the below documents.

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