Formation of Advisory Panel on Oestrus Management

Wednesday 20 October 2010

The Board of Greyhounds Australasia (GA) has agreed on the formation and charter for an Advisory Panel on Oestrus Management (APOM).

The Panel has been formed following the Board’s ethyloestrenol review, where it was acknowledged and agreed that:

  • There was sufficient information in the review to suggest that further investigation is required into the complicated matter of oestrus control in the female racing greyhound; and
  • Concerns raised by only allowing one suppressant were taken into account, and as a result, a Panel consisting of Australian Greyhound Veterinary Association members, breeders, trainers and some GA representatives was to be formed.

The Panel is to be chaired by GA Director, Dr Geoff Baxter, and their charter includes:

  • To seek official product registration with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) for an ethyloestrenol based product on the specific grounds of oestrus control;
  • To assess the need to undertake controlled research on the use of ethyloestrenol;
  • To consider whether alternative research should be suggested to the Board which may allow it to be in a position to consider the feasibility of a second oestrus prevention medication;
  • To evaluate the practicalities of a verification system for recording the use of oestrus suppression products by trainers; and
  • To consider the merits of the UK recommendations in relation to oestrus prevention, and assess if any collaborative research can be undertaken.

Mr Russell Ware, GA Chairman said:

“The Board’s decision regarding the formation of the Panel is extremely positive given the complicated nature of oestrus suppression.”

“GA is fortunate with the expertise that has been put together, with the likes of Dr Greg Sternberg, Dr Peter Yore, Graeme Bate and Paul Wheeler joining the Panel.”

Greyhounds Australasia Chief Executive Officer, Craig Taberner said:

“All Panel members expressed enthusiasm about their opportunity to be involved, which GA is thankful for.

The Board looks forward to receiving recommendations from the Panel based on their agreed charter.”

It is expected that regular information on this topic will be forthcoming.

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PH: 03 9548 3500

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