Greyhound industry already changing and on the path to significant reform

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Greyhounds Australasia Ltd (GA) today said the Australian greyhound industry is extremely sensitive to the legitimate concerns of the community on the critical issue of greyhound euthanasia and had accepted responsibility for solving the problem.

GA CEO Scott Parker said that industry change, as part of a significant program of reform, had already begun and that the industry deserves an opportunity to rebuild community trust.

“The industry agrees that too many greyhounds are euthanased every year and that we have not done enough to combat the problem of over-breeding. 

“Our vision is for there to be no unnecessary euthanasia of greyhounds as soon as practically possible.  Survival of this industry depends on us meeting the community’s expectations on this and other critical welfare outcomes.  No excuses are acceptable and none are being given.   

“We haven’t been sitting on our hands and waiting to be told to change.  The industry has been on a path to reform for more than a year.  There is much more to come, but over the past six months, the industry has:

  • Restricted breeding to three litters per breeding female
  • Restricted the breeding of female greyhounds to under eight years of age
  • Restricted breeding so that a breeding female cannot breed more than two litters over any eighteen month period
  • Registered all breeding females to better track the breeding stage of their lifecycle
  • Instigated a program of education to ensure all participants understand their obligations to the community as well as the industry
  • Accepted a new national industry vision and values that put animal welfare at the centre of everything we do
  • Significantly elevated welfare, investigative and compliance resourcing
  • Continued to implement the 2014 National Greyhound Welfare Strategy which targets improved breeding practices supported by various strategic initiatives
  • Called for proposals to help the industry model major reform decisions to ensure all change meets our obligations to the community

Mr Parker also sought to put the right context around the reported euthanasia figures of 13,000 to 17,000 a year which were included in an internal industry document presented to the Inquiry by GRNSW.

“As the document, and Counsel Assisting the Commissioner Mr Stephen Rushton SC, pointed out, these figures do not include greyhounds kept by their owners and trainers nor adopted out through charitable groups.  Of course, whatever the actual figure, it is still too many.

“I am confident this $1 billion industry, employing 10,000 people and participated in by over 30,000 Australians is finally on the right track.  It has acknowledged its challenges, set its vision, instigated change, and is working hard to genuinely reform its practices and culture.  It deserves a chance to rebuild the trust of our community.”

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Wednesday 27 September 2017

The office of Greyhounds Australasia will be closed on Friday 29th September 2017. We will re-open at 9.00 am on Monday 2nd October 2017.

Monday 25 September 2017

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) advises that it will conduct an internal review of its Greyhound Passport Scheme and has suspended the issuance of greyhound passports to the United States for up to six months pending the outcome of that review.

Wednesday 12 July 2017

The Latest edition of the stud book (Number 64) is now available.
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Monday 28 November 2016

The Board of Greyhounds Australasia (GA) has approved an amendment to the national rule GAR132(5) effective 1 December 2016.
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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) Chief executive Scott Parker today welcomed the NSW government’s decision to overturn its ban on greyhound racing.

“The national greyhound racing industry is extremely pleased that the NSW government has listened to participants and the community and taken the decision to allow greyhound racing to continue.


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