Media Release - Anabolic Steriods - Update On Ethyloestrenol

18th February 2008



Anabolic Steriods – Update On Ethyloestrenol

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) stands by its national position in relation to ‘Drug Free’ racing which includes the prohibition of the use of anabolic steroids. However, an exception has been granted in regards to the oral administration of Ethyloestrenol, only on the basis that it is prescribed by a registered veterinarian. This exception was made following advice from the Australian Greyhound Veterinary Association (AGVA) that Ethyloestrenol does not enhance performance nor have a significant impact on the welfare of the female racing greyhound. If participants are considering the use of Ethyloestrenol they should therefore only do so based on veterinary advice.

Nandoral tablets and Nitrotain paste are brands of veterinary products that contain Ethyloestrenol. However neither the GA Board nor the various State and Territory controlling bodies have the legal right to endorse the prescription of these or other Ethyloestrenol products - that is a legal right of veterinarians.

In November 2007, even with the anticipated increase in demand for Ethyloestrenol products, GA was informed that there would be sufficient supply available prior to the 1 March 2008 change in policy.

GA is now aware that the quantity of Nandoral available to veterinarians may be limited. Furthermore, unconfirmed reports also suggest that the European manufacturer of Ethyloestrenol may reduce or cease production later in the year and the current Australian distributor of Nandoral may no longer be importing this product into Australia later in 2008.

In this regard, GA advises that at a meeting of GA Members held on 15 February 2008 it considered various issues in relation to the amendment of the definition of drugs (allowing for Ethyloestrenol) which was to become effective 1 March 2008. Because of an uncertainty surrounding the supply of “Ethyloestrenol” products to veterinarians, GA Members resolved to recommend to Member jurisdictions that the implementation date of the change to the definition of drugs should be deferred until 1 July 2008. It should be noted that this recommendation is subject to endorsement or otherwise by individual GA Member jurisdictions.In the meantime the AGVA will continue to investigate the supply of Ethyloestrenol and will report back to the GA Board as soon as practicable. This matter will again be tabled for discussion at the GA Board meeting to be held in Auckland on 6 March 2008.

If participants have any questions in relation to this matter, please contact your respective Controlling Body or GA.

18 February 2008

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