Microchip Study Findings Released

3rd October 2008


Microchip Study findings Released

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) today announced that its Microchip Sub Committee has recommended the implementation of microchipping for greyhounds in Australia and New Zealand, noting the benefits to animal welfare, efficiencies, integrity and technology.

The recommendations included in a detailed report, follow extensive research and consultation by the sub-committee over the last 14 months.

The consultation included the call for and receipt of submissions by industry participants, which were taken into account when preparing the report.

Participants wishing to provide comment on GA’s Microchip Sub Committee report and recommendations, should do so in writing to their respective controlling body. For example, in South Australia, participants should contact Greyhound Racing SA.

The sub-committee has suggested a staged approach to the introduction of microchipping including:

o All greyhounds whelped from 1 January 2010 are to be microchipped. Ear branding from this date to be discontinued;
o All existing racing stock to be microchipped by 31 December 2010 if they wish to be eligible to continue racing;
o From 1 January 2011 all greyhounds wishing to be eligible to race, will only be eligible to do so, if they can be identified by a microchip.

It’s believed the staged approach will provide the necessary time for the industry to adapt to any changes.

Based on the intelligence gathered, the sub-committee found advancements in the technology of microchips can assist participants, provide industry efficiencies and savings for clubs and controlling bodies, which in turn may be passed onto industry.

Importantly, the sub-committee felt the introduction of microchipping will help the industry advance its animal welfare objectives and the integrity of the industry.

The integrity of the greyhound industry has always been paramount to the perception of successful wagering and in particular public confidence.

Greyhounds Australasia Chief Executive Officer, Craig Taberner said, “The sub-committee has worked extremely hard to put together this comprehensive report, seeking advice from within Australia and Internationally.”

“Thanks go to sub-committee members for their diligence and to all those who provided information and submissions.”

“The report will now be tabled at the next GA board meeting in November, where members will need to consider whether the benefits of the introduction of microchipping out weigh any potential negatives.”

“Endorsement will be required by individual GA Member jurisdictions, if the implementation of microchipping is to proceed.”

For more information on the Microchip Sub Committee’s report and recommendations, participants are advised to contact their respective controlling body.

Craig Taberner
Chief Executive Officer
Greyhounds Australasia
Ph: 03 9548 3500
E-mail: admin@galtd.org.au




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