DNA - What you need to know

As per the Greyhounds Australasia Rules (GAR127 & 138) any greyhound that is to be used for breeding requires to be DNA tested prior to being registered as a Sire or Breeding Female.

The purpose of DNA testing all greyhounds that are to breed a litter, is to confirm that the pedigree of that greyhound is as published in the GA Studbook. This in turn confirms the integrity of the GA Studbook.

The steps to have your greyhound DNA registered are:

  1. The applicant applies to Greyhounds Australasia with the fee of $175.
  2. Greyhounds Australasia sends out the DNA kit.
  3. The applicant takes the greyhound to their vet along with the DNA kit and the greyhounds’ identification card.
  4. The vet collects the sample and verifies the greyhound, then sends the sample to the designated laboratory for testing.
  5. The designated laboratory runs the DNA profile and confirms parentage.
  6. Greyhounds Australasia receives the results from the laboratory and notifies Controlling Bodies of the outcome. The applicant will receive a formally printed DNA certificate by mail.

Greyhound industry participants are also welcome to apply for DNA testing of any greyhound in their care to confirm parentage, regardless of if they intend to breed with that greyhound.



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