Greyhound Passports/Exports

Exporting of Greyhounds

Under GA rules any person exporting a greyhound(s) to another country must prior to meeting the requirements of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) obtain a Greyhound Passport.

Specifically GAR 124 (1) states that,

“Any person intending to export a greyhound, being a greyhound the subject of these Rules or to those of a relevant Registration Controlling Body, from Australia or New Zealand to any other country (including Australia or New Zealand) must, prior to meeting the quarantine and inspection service requirements of the relevant country, obtain a greyhound passport and certified pedigree issued by Greyhounds Australasia.”

All exporters must apply for the Greyhound Passport directly with GA. The reason behind this mandatory passport is in support of GA’s National Animal Welfare Policy.

A Greyhound Passport will only be issued upon receipt of a completed application form and payment of the relevant fee. The said application form will also contain a mandatory compliance clause specifying the purpose for export which is for racing, breeding or as a pet. 



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