Stud Sire Registration

Controlling Bodies have discussed the development of a consistent approach to sire registrations since early 2009. Originally emanating from the 2009 Registrars Conference this subject was revisited in 2010 where the Registrars agreed that a national approach was desirable. The topic was then referred to the Rules Sub-Committee, who in May 2010 recommended a national policy position to the GA Board.

In June 2010 the GA Board received a report including the recommendation from the Rules Sub-Committee which was referred to all member bodies for consideration.

The issue was discussed again by the Board in August 2010 where in principle support for the policy was given prior to receiving official endorsement at GA’s November 2010 meeting.

The operating process to support this policy is to occur as follows: 

  • National sire registration is applicable from 1 January 2011.
  • Participants apply for a sire registration by completing the one standard national form.
  • The greyhound must be DNA tested and have a semen evaluation completed before any application will be considered.
  • GA will seek approval and sign off by jurisdictions prior to registering a sire, allocating a sire ID on the database and notifying the participant.
  • Any sire that is registered with jurisdictions prior to 31 December 2010 for natural or frozen will be grandfathered to life time registration.

The application forms are attached.


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