National Greyhound Welfare Strategy

In May 2014, the industry’s first ever National Greyhound Welfare Strategy was launched. The strategy aims to ensure uniform high standards of care, participant education and accountability and controlling body enforcement are in place to achieve the best possible outcome for all our greyhounds.

Strategy initiatives include:

  1. Move towards all greyhounds having to be under the care of a registered participant at all times during their lifecycle, unless retired as a pet.
  2. Introduce a national approach to breeding to further reduce the number of unsuitable greyhounds being bred, and to ensure the decision to breed a litter of greyhounds is a considered one.
  3. Maximising opportunities for all greyhounds to reach their full potential.
  4. Maximising racing opportunities for all greyhounds.
  5. Continuing to improve end of career options for all greyhounds
  6. Introducing a new national approach to participant education, registration and licencing and strong enforcement of facility inspection and compliance programs

GA and its members are proud of the greyhound welfare improvements made throughout our industry over the past twenty years. The industry will remain vigilant in identifying and overcoming evidence of poor welfare performance, and report regularly to government and other stakeholders on our performance in implementing the national welfare strategy.


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