GA wishes to advise all participants on upcoming fee changes for the next financial year.

As fees have not changed since 2018, the decision has been made to slightly increase all application fees.

The following fees will be applicable with effect from 1 July 2022;


Application for DNA Fingerprinting                                         $190
Registration of a Stud Sire                                                       $1350
Registration of a Prefix/Suffix                                                   $225 (2 year duration)
                                                                                                 $300 (5 year duration)
Reservation of a Name                                                            $55
Transfer of Breeding Unit                                                         $55
Registration of a Breeding Unit                                                $60 per unit
FSI Approved Facility Registration                                           $275 p.a.
FSI Approved Person Registration                                           $275 p.a.