At the most recent meeting of the Greyhounds Australasia (GA) Board, minor changes to the GA Greyhound Naming Policy were approved.

The orderly and responsible issuing of greyhound names is a feature of high-quality greyhound racing administration.  GA takes its role as the delegated service provider of this service to controlling bodies very seriously. 

The revised policy acknowledges that our language evolves.  Words change meaning and new words enter our vocabularies.  GA now regularly rejects names that were approved in the past, on the grounds that the modern meaning is likely to offend. 

The revised policy clarifies the role of GA and controlling bodies in the naming process, the approach taken by GA in approving or refusing naming applications, and the rights of GA and controlling bodies to refuse any name.

The revised policy clarifies the use of names that are acronyms, have a meaning or origin that cannot be satisfactorily substantiated, and multiple words run together.

In approving a greyhound name, GA takes into consideration the unique nature of greyhound racing, where easily pronounced names benefit race callers, participants, and wagerers. 

GA plans to regularly review its naming policy in line with ongoing changes in our language.