The new Greyhounds Australasia National Rules have now been endorsed by the GA Board. The updated rules will come into effect on Monday 31st January 2022.

Greyhounds Australasia Rules Effective 31 Jan 2022

GA has considered the feedback from the initial consultation and made amendments to the draft national rules where appropriate.

There will be an extended period of familiarisation, from Monday 13th September 2021 to Sunday 30th January 2022. This allows time for industry and participants to become familiar with the rule changes and for jurisdictions to take necessary steps to enable the adoption of the new national rules.

The attached document Greyhounds Australasia National Rule Changes Report provides an overview of key areas to help participants understand the new rules.
Topics covered are:

  • Consulation and rulemaking process
  • Resources
  • Explanatory memorandum (Key changes)
  • Submission summary

Greyhounds Australasia Rules Rework – Table 1 New and Or Substantially Amended Rules

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) is the national body responsible for assisting member jurisdictions achieve a national approach to the Australasian Greyhound Racing Industry where appropriate.  The GA Rules Rework Committee have reviewed feedback from all stakeholders through extended consultation and worked to minimise the differences between local and national rules.  However, where that has not been possible, if there is a Jurisdiction Local Rule that is different from a GA Rule, the local rule will continue to be the applicable rule in that jurisdiction.

To assist with familiarisation of the new GA National Rules in advance of adoption on Monday 31st January 2022, jurisdictions will hold online forums with GA. The online forums aim to address queries to support the move to the updated GA National Rules.   For participants in NSW, Queensland, and Tasmania, online Familiarisation Sessions will be advertised for bookings in due course.  A Greyhounds Australasia representative and a Jurisdiction subject matter expert will be in attendance for each session.

Please contact your local Jurisdiction if you have any queries.  

Phase:Start DateEnd DateTimeframe
Familiarisation period

This period allows the industry to become familiar with the new GA National Rules that will come into effect on Monday 31 January 2022
Monday 13 September 2021Sunday 30 January 2022Four and half months
Release of the GA National RulesMonday 31 January 2022Monday 31 January 2022One day